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DIY Beard Kit

Wish you were bearded too?

Back when my first book was published, someone left a comment on the blog asking if being bearded was a pre-requisite for taking part in my web-based shenanigans. Sadly the individual in question was one of those unfortunate individuals unable to grow a full and manly beard on their own (because she was {and still is} a woman). But never fear! Even if your chin can only sport a sort of mouldy-looking fuzz, or - shock horror - no hair at all, you can still enjoy the many benefits beardedness has to offer with your very own

With just a printer, a pair of scissors, some pointy things and a large container full of gin, you too can become a bearded wonder!

The DIY Beard Kit

"Wow, the DIY Beard Kit has, like, TOTALLY changed my life!!!"

No longer do you have to suffer the shame and degradation of a naked chin! Just look at these completely non-made-up testimonials:

"I just want to thank MacBeard enterprises for making life worth living again. It's like my chin has suddenly evolved!" C Darwin "This totally rocks! Now those slack bastard reindeer will HAVE to respect me!" S Clause "How did I ever manage without it? The DIY Beard Kit has made me the envy of all my friends!" I Amin

Impress your friends, amaze your lover, make your enemies quiver in bowel-slackening terror. Download your free DIY Beard Kit today!

© Stuart MacBride