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Close To The Bone

The new book comes out on the 17th of January 2013, and guess what: Logan's back in a suitably twisted tale of witchcraft, murder, and delusion. CLOSE TO THE BONE also features the return of a much missed character….

The Logan McRae Books

Cold Granite Dying Light Broken Skin
Flesh House Blind Eye Dark Blood
Shatter The Bones Close To The Bone

The Logan McRae series is set in Aberdeen, the Granite City, Oil Capital of Europe, perched on the east coast of Scotland. They always say, "write what you know" so I did - using Aberdeen as the backdrop for a series of horrific crimes, murders, serial killers, and much eating of chips and drinking of beer.

Of these, the only ones I have any direct experience of are beer and chips, but some nice local police officers helped me fill in the rest.

If you want to read the books in chronological order it goes: COLD GRANITE, DYING LIGHT, BROKEN SKIN, FLESH HOUSE, BLIND EYE, DARK BLOOD, SHATTER THE BONES, and the new book CLOSE TO THE BONE. Mind you, I wanted Cold Granite to read as if it was from the middle of a series (lots of events from the past that are never explained) so you should be able to dip in and out in any order you fancy.


Birthdays For The Dead Halfhead Sawbones

In addition to the Logan McRae series, I've also done a dark and nasty noir thriller BIRTHDAYS FOR THE DEAD, a near future thriller called HALFHEAD and a novella called SAWBONES.

And believe it or not, they've both got me into trouble...

Short Stories

Twelve Days Of Winter

Last but not least, are the short stories. There's a collection of them, all set in the fictional city of Oldcastle published as TWELVE DAYS OF WINTER Other stories have appeared in anthologies, and there's even a handfull of them available online.

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