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  2. Dying Light
  3. Broken Skin
  4. Flesh House
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  6. Dark Blood
  7. Shatter The Bones
  8. Close To The Bone

Shatter The Bones - Trailer(s)

I enjoyed making the trailer for Dark Blood a lot, so it was great when I managed to convince HarperCollins to let me make one for Shatter The Bones too. Only this time it was going to be a much more intimate affair, with a small cast, a darkened house, and a lot of stumbling about and swearing.

Here we've got three seperate trailery things: the first is a recreation of the kidnappers' video from the book, right down to the creepy computer voice. The original version of this was considered to be too frightening to distribute, so we had to censor a bit in the middle to make it less visceral...

The second version is a more classic 'filmy' trailer with music and sound effects.

And saving a real treat for last, there's this. I know Donald Anderson from all the time I've spent on Shetland, and in addition to being a top-notch literary development guru at Shetland Arts, he's also a top-notch singer/songwriter. When I was up doing a series of writing workshops at the end of 2010, Donald kindly agreed to write a song for the Britain's Next Big Star website, dedicating it to Alison and Jenny McGregor. Which was pretty damn cool, in a meta-reality kinda way. Recorded live at Lerwick Library, it was filmed in most excellent fashion by Gwilym Gibbons. All I did was dick about with filters and graphics to make it fit the BNBS site.

Jenny McGregor - Molly Massie
Alison McGregor - Michelle Bruce
TOM - Alex Clark
DAVID - Dave Goulding
Teddy Gordon as himself

One More Twist Of The Knife written and performed by
Donald Anderson © 2011

© Stuart MacBride