More Logan Books on the Horizon

A lot of people seem to think that IN THE COLD DARK GROUND was the last ever Logan McRae book, but they’re very, very wrong. Stuart has just signed a new three-book deal with the lovely people at HarperCollins, two of which will feature Logan and one of which will be a standalone (or maybe even another Ash Henderson). This means Stuart will be producing books all the way up to 2020!

Stuart’s editor Sarah Hodgson said: “I am over the moon to have secured a new three-book contract with the impossibly talented Stuart MacBride. We’ve worked together for well over ten years now, and I can honestly say that he continues to get better and better with every book, as his many fans will attest. He’s truly one of a kind, and nothing could give me greater pleasure than the knowledge that we have more of his wonderful novels coming our way.”

Stuart’s agent Philip Patterson said: “I am absolutely thrilled for Stuart MacBride and Sarah Hodgson and her hard-working team at HarperCollins. With superb writing and excellent publishing behind it, Stuart is deservedly a major bestseller. As each novel goes from strength to strength, I will look forward to continuing this excellent relationship.”

Stuart’s Stuart said: “At the risk of turning this into a cheesy mutual love-fest: I couldn’t be happier right now. Not only does the new three book deal mean I get to continue working with all the lovely people at HarperCollins, it also keeps my cat in shoes for the next few years. I’m really looking forward to more publishing hijinks and shenanigans with my excellent co-conspirators Sarah Hodgson and Philip Patterson.”

And Stuart’s cat Grendel said: “Prrrrrrrrp, meep!”

So there you go…