Blatant Self Promotion

Well, as if the recent Scottish Parliament, local council, and AV referendum didn’t supply us with enough electiony goodness, voting for the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year has just kicked off.

It’s a good list this year (as always), very strong… But it’s nice to be back in the running again – I’m already practicing my ‘Of course I don’t mind losing, it’s an honour just to be nominated’ grimace as someone else staggers off with the hand-crafted barrel-O-fun. Assuming, of course, that I manage to wriggle through to the shortlist, which is far from definite.

You can vote to get your favourite book from the longlist to the shortlist by going to the Theakstons website and working your clicky mouse-type magic. Non-shortlisted books will be made to stand in the corner and think about what they’ve done. And no, you don’t have to vote for mine (though, obviously, I wouldn’t complain if you did).

In other news* I’m doing a live chat show thing on Thursday evening hosted by Hardeep Singh Kohli at the Lemon Tree. Which should be … I have no idea, actually. I know it involves curry, so I’m going to take a chance and not eat beforehand. And if things get too grumbly I’m planning to club one of the other guests to death and eat them.

That’ll teach them to invite me on things.

* Taking a very lose interpretation of the word ‘news’.

5 Responses to “Blatant Self Promotion”

  1. will trot on over and have a look at the list.
    BTW what happened about the firewalk? presumably you weren’t walking on your hands so typing skills wouldn’t have been affected. was looking forward to hearing what happened

  2. Obviously wont get to see you with Hardeep (love him)living as I do in the Fens in East Anglia,popping over now to check that short list …love Jan xx

  3. Voted for you Stuart, as much as I love Tom Thorne, Your book was fantastic. Good Luck!


  4. I saw you at Hardeep and (not sure what I was expecting you to be like to be honest)really enjoyed what you had to say. As a result I ve just begun reading Cold Granite. I m an avid Ian Rankine reader, and you probably hate the comparison, but already I m hooked and I can t wait to get further into your books because being from Aberdeen I m getting a picture in my head of what you re writing about. I ve just finished page 49 and i love the book already. Thanks!

  5. Stuart, I’m just getting started on your books, enjoying “Cold Granite”. Great fun! Will be reading all of them, one by one, you may be sure. Here I am, a Yank in a Chicago suburb, with a bro-in-law in Aberdeen, and him a retired policeman (sergeant), at that! Wife and I have visited Aberdeen, and most all of northern Scotland, several times, but not enough. I love your city and hope to go again, one of these days.
    Question: How accurate (authentic are the street names that you use in your books (I recognize Union, Anderson, etc)?


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