Knox, Knox, Knox, OUT! OUT! OUT!

OK, so I have a wee confession to make: I was kinda bricking it a bit on Saturday. Thinking there was no way I’d get more than about a dozen people to film the angry crowd scene (and let’s face it, it’s not that easy to make twelve people look like an angry mob. Though they’d be perfect for a disgruntled bus queue) I got in touch with a nice man I know at the Evening Express. “Can you mention it?” says I.
“Well … the paper’s pretty much designed for Friday, but I’ll see what I can do.” says he.

And that was that.

Then on the Friday I opened my copy of the EE to find Scott had written a half page piece, asking for protesters. EEK! Cue sudden image of three hundred people turning up and everything spiralling out of control.


Then the crash. Maybe no bugger will turn up at all? Maybe it’ll be just me, Alex (assistant director and cameraman), She Who Must Be Cast As A TV Reporter, Lee (bravely playing the part of DARK BLOOD’S arch pervert, Richard Knox), Googling Brother (playing the part of ‘Reporter in silly hat’ and DSI Danby), and a couple of mates. Oh God, it’ll all be a disaster…

Or maybe it’ll be far too many people?

Not enough?

Too Many?


And I had no idea which it would be until we walked into Victoria Park. In the end we got seventy five of the best damn angry rioters I could have possibly hoped for. And really, really well behaved ones as well. When I shouted, “ACTION!” in my fake Steven Spielberg voice they went ape and shouted and screamed and waved their placards. And when I yelled “CUT!” they went all quiet and waited to be told, “ACTION!” again. Brilliant. I’d booked the park for two hours, figguring it’d take at least that to get anything done, and in the end we were done in thirty-five minutes.

How cool is that?

So I want to say a big thank you to everyone who turned up on Saturday – you couldn’t have been more perfect if you tried.

Next up, editing!

6 Responses to “Knox, Knox, Knox, OUT! OUT! OUT!”

  1. Stuart – it was great fun, and an excellent idea.

    I’m still a little hoarse though, but never mind.

    Where’s the raw footage?? 🙂

  2. Fetching photo of yourself and Al in Orkney Today this week, and not a bad wee article on your workshop either. Well I say fetching, Al is giving his best thousand yard stare, your glasses are squint and where the hell are you? A bus shelter? A byre? One for the scrapbook anyway – a good write up and a good turn out it sounds like. And you get the results of the Orphir ploughing match on page 23!

  3. It was a great to take part. everyone was really up for it, even the kids.When is it due for release


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