A Finite Number Of Typewriters

A Finite Number of Typewriters

Back in 2006 (when dinosaurs ruled the earth and people had jobs, and could affort to eat something fancier than fried dirt, and ‘quantative easing’ was just a twinkle in the bankers’ beady little eyes), a young man called Jon Scalzi was asked to edit an edition of Subterranean Magazine. This he did, deciding on the theme ‘Great Big Honking Sci-Fi Clichés’, and sent out a general request for submission over the interweb.

And lo, it did come to pass that our bearded protagonist saw this call to arms and thought, “Might be fun.” and off he didst go and craft a tale packed with as many OTT science fiction cliches as he could get his grubby little hands on. Time travel, Martians, William Shakespeare, Pope Rickards The Forth, War… None of this ‘less is more’ – bollocks. More is more. That’s why it’s called ‘more’. Clue’s in the name.

And now, you can download the whole magazine for free!