Coffin +1

This was the result of a rather strange request – would I write a short story for a Dutch magazine called ‘Panorama’. Yes I would. Hold on – will there be money? There will? How much? Yes I definitely will.

And then I did a wee web search to find out what kind of magazine it was. And lo and behold, was presented with a veritable plethora of young ladies in their scanties. Hurrah! Well, if Alastair Campbell can write for Penthouse Forum, I can write for Panorama. Plus it sounds like a late night serious news programme on BBC2, and that can’t be a bad thing when you’re trying to explain to your wife why someone from the Netherlands is sending you magazines full of partially-naked ladies.

Er, it’s got great articles … in Dutch … which I can’t read… Ahem.

It has a nice wholesome first line as well, but I’m not going to tell you what it is. Only that it’s a bit rude…