Partners in Crime

This is an eBook only collection of Logan and Steel short stories. A very small collection. Tiny, in fact as there’s only two stories here: Stramash and DI Steel’s Bad Heir Day.

You can find out more about Stramash over here.

DI Steel’s Bad Heir Day

All Steel wants to do is sod off home, wrap her Christmas presents, and get some booze inside her before she has to take her daughter to the panto. So why is PC Guthrie being such a pain her bum today?

There’s a missing man to find, a mysterious envelope, and an unwanted legacy to deal with as the snow falls on Aberdeen. Ho, ho, ho…

DI Steel’s Bad Heir Day first appeared in the Evening Express as it’s festive story, printed it over three days in 2012. And it wasn’t allowed to contain the word ‘fart’ in case it corrupted the youth of the northeast.