There’s something iffy happening on the Isle of Jura.

Logan gets the call in the middle of the night: DI Steel needs him on Jura, and she needs him there now.

A vast consignment of drugs has disappeared somewhere off the West Coast of Scotland. Now every drug baron, wannabe hard man, dealer, and junkie in the country is looking for it. The only trouble is that Steel’s on Jura because her wife Susan’s work is having ‘some sort of team-building thing’, and she’s had to promise on her mother’s grave not to cause any trouble, or do anything to embarrass anyone.

As if DI Steel was ever going to manage that…

Believe it or not, this is all Stuart’s way of saying: Visit Jura – it’s lovely.

Stramash was written at the Jura Whisky distillery, on the Isle of Jura, and all the locations in it are real. Some of the people are too. You can download Stramash for free by registering with the Jura Whisky website, or you can buy it for your Kindle as part of Partners in Crime, where it sits snugly alongside DI Steel’s Bad Heir Day.