DIY Beard Kit

You! Yes, you with the smooth chin. Think people aren’t taking you seriously, because you don’t have a manly beard? Think your life’s blighted by that naked chin you’re wearing? Well sorry no more, because I have just the solution…

Wish you were bearded too?

Back when my first book was published, someone left a comment on the blog asking if being bearded was a pre-requisite for taking part in my web-based shenanigans. Sadly the individual in question was one of those unfortunate individuals unable to grow a full and manly beard on their own (because she was – and still is – a woman). But never fear! Even if your chin can only sport a sort of mouldy-looking fuzz, or – shock horror – no hair at all, you can still enjoy the many benefits beardedness has to offer with your very own


With just a printer, a pair of scissors, some pointy things and a large container full of gin, you too can become a bearded wonder!

DIY Beard Kit

Wow, the DIY Beard KIT has, like, TOTALLY changed my life!!!

No longer do you have to suffer the shame and degradation of a naked chin! Just look at these completely non-made-up testimonials:

I just want to thank MacBeard enterprises for making life worth living again. It’s like my chin has suddenly evolved!

C. Darwin

This totally rocks! Now those slack bastard reindeer will HAVE to respect me!

S. Clause

How did I ever manage without it? The DIY Beard Kit has made me the envy of all my friends!

I. Amin

Impress your friends, amaze your lover, make your enemies quiver in bowel-slackening terror. Download your free DIY Beard Kit today!