Out and about

You know, something that really disappointed me about Canada was the complete lack of anyone saying, “Oot and aboot.”*

Nor did anyone have big flappy heads and tiny beady eyes. Apparently — and you may want to hold on to your underpants here — South Park has been lying to us.

Luckily we have a way to make up for this crushing oot-and-aboot-related disappointment by transferring ourselves from Canadian Canada to Aberdonian Aberdeen! Where, if you know where to hang out and don’t mind getting your wellies dirty, you’ll find loads of people who’ll say it for you in a thick Doric accent. “Aye, we’re ga’n oot an’ aboot the fields i’ day.”

Only it won’t be the fields we’ll be oot-and-abooting! No, we’ll be oot-and-abooting in Aberdeen. On the 25th of November, I, and some of the finest minds British Journalism has to offer accompanied by a forensics genius and a certain quantity of Isle of Jura Whisky (that quantity being ‘quite a lot’ if I’ve got anything to do with it) are going to do a wee tour of some Aberdeen’s best places to kill people and/or dump the bodies.

Oot and aboot!

* I also couldn’t find anyone who could say, “Soldering aluminium tubes to put herbs such as oregano in.” But that’s a story for another time.