The Logan McRae Novels

  • Close To The Bone
  • Shatter The Bones
  • Dark Blood
  • Blind Eye
  • Flesh House
  • Broken Skin
  • Dying Light
  • Cold Granite

The Logan McRae series is set in Aberdeen, the Granite City, Oil Capital of Europe, perched on the east coast of Scotland. They always say, “write what you know” so I did – using Aberdeen as the backdrop for a series of horrific crimes, murders, serial killers, and much eating of chips and drinking of beer.Of these, the only ones I have any direct experience of are beer and chips, but some nice local police officers helped me fill in the rest.

If you want to read the stories in chronological order (including the short stories and novella) it goes: Cold Granite, Dying Light, Broken Skin, Flesh House, Blind Eye, Dark Blood, DI Steel’s Bad Heir DayShatter The Bones, Stramash, Close to the Bone, The 45% Hangover22 Dead Little BodiesThe Missing and the Dead, In the Cold Dark Ground, Now we are Dead, and the most recent Logan novel: The Blood Road.

Mind you, I wanted Cold Granite to read as if it was from the middle of a series (lots of events from the past that are never explained) so you should be able to dip in and out in any order you fancy.

The Oldcastle Novels

  • A Song for the Dying
  • Birthdays For The Dead

Oldcastle sits halfway between Aberdeen and Dundee, in the northeast of Scotland. Some fairly horrible things happen there…

The Oldcastle stories kick off with Daphne MacAndrews and the Smack-Head Junkies, then get stranger in Twelve Days of Winter, and downright brutal in the two Ash Henderson novels: Birthdays for the Dead and A Song for the Dying.

Now DC Callum MacGregor takes up the baton in the huge (194,000 words!) novel, A Dark so Deadly.


  • Halfhead

Sometimes it’s fun to step away from the established universes and do something a bit different, which is why I wrote a near-future thriller called Halfhead and what I call a ‘spinoff standalone’ from the Logan McRae books, featuring DS Steel and her reluctant sidekick Tufty, Now we are Dead.

A Dark do Deadly is also a standalone, but it’s definitely an Oldcastle book.


  • Sawbones

Novellas are too big to be short stories, but not long enough to be classed as novels, so they sit somewhere in-between. Mine are either very disturbing (as in The 45% Hangover) or very disturbed (as in Sawbones). But either way they’re a fun short read.

Short Stories

Last but not least, are the short stories. There’s a collection of them, all set in the fictional city of Oldcastle published as Twelve Days of Winter. Other stories have appeared in anthologies, and there’s even a handfull of them available online.

Skeleton Bob

A charming children’s picture book about a wee skeleton with pink woollen skin – in aid of the Million for a Morgue campaign.