All That’s Dead (book #12)

Scream all you want, no one can hear…

The eleventh DS Logan McRae thriller

One down…
A dark night in the isolated Scottish countryside. Nicholas Wilson, a prominent professor known for his divisive social media rants, leaves the house with his dog, as he does every night. But this time he doesn’t come back…
Two down…
The last thing Inspector Logan McRae wants is to take on such a high-profile case. But when a second man vanishes in similar circumstances, the media turns its merciless gaze on him, and he has no choice.
Who’s next?
Then body parts start arriving in the post. Someone out there is trying to make a point, and they’re making it in blood.


Dark and brilliantly written

 Linwood Barclay

A satisfying read and a hugely thoughtful novel … there’s no let-up for the reader

Scotland on Sunday